Erica Pic

I very briefly contemplated copying and pasting the content from my old Tinder profile here and calling it a day. Although I think it very succinctly described who I am and what I like, I don’t really need any more people witnessing my attempt at subtle/witty flirtation. So here is the summary of me minus the fumbling romancing:

  • I am a late-twenties lady living in the city of Chicago. Former Blue liner trying to get accostumed to that Brown line life.
  • I love drinking tea. I have my older sister to thank for this obsession.┬áLapsang souchong is currently my favorite.
  • I can be kind of competitive when it comes to playing board games but none of this translates over into sports.
  • I really enjoy thrifting or just sussing out a good deal in general. I take pride in either getting things for free (not stealing! I in no way advocate that) or paying less than the original worth of the item.
  • Mile day in elementary and middle school was the bane of my existence. And then, for some unknown reason in college, I decided I wanted to see how many miles I could comfortably run in a row. And then I kept doing that, over and over again. I catch up on my favorite podcasts, decompress after work, and generally let out my frustrations by going for long runs in my neighborhood.
  • I try to cook as much as possible, but since I’m mainly cooking for one, I end up eating the same thing for lunch and dinner for four to five days in a row. That last night of monotony can be pretty brutal, and I usually curse whatever dish I made unless it’s enchiladas because damn, those are always perfection.

I’m Erica, by the way.